Patent Landscape Reports

Our Patent Landscaping Process: Uniquely Comprehensive. Uniquely Focused.

Data is just data, if provided without substantive context. At Patinformatics the data collection is the core asset. We have refined the searching process so it’s optimized for patent landscapes, and developed methodologies for ensuring that our data collections are accurate and fit for purpose.

We begin with the business perspective, not the IP perspective. A holistic view of patents as they pertain to your corporate strategy requires an integrated approach embracing three core business attributes.

To assure our data-driven report serves your individual business needs, the following core attributes are essential to an integrated strategy:

  • Business goals
  • Financial analysis
  • Patent considerations

Like a three-legged stool, all three attributes must be considered to optimize the business impact and ensure a stable strategy.

Begin with the business perspective, not the IP perspective:
  • Combine financial analysis and business strategy
  • We draw from a variety of data science disciplines
  • Tool development and implementation
  • This is not just a report, it is the cornerstone of your patent strategy
Customized, results-based solutions:
  • Significant advantage in domain specific analytical techniques, databases and information tools
  • Pioneered the field of IP analytics, with sustained investment in methods & tools
  • Best in class analytical tools
How we use patent analysis to drive corporate strategy:
  • Address project objectives – Complete a high-level competitive analysis of your business strategy, and how it impacts your IP strategy.
  • Look at components and techniques – Assess company’s specific position defined by business goals and technology implementation directions.
  • Map your Company’s Patents to your Technology Implementation Goals
  • Present detailed comparison against competition – Identify the main IP strategy opportunities, and threats to company’s business
  • Provide a Map of the Broader IP Landscape – Patent owners by category, detailed focus, especially those your company may not have known about.