You’re here with good instincts. Now, you can confirm them with essential insights.

Innovative businesses make good decisions about implementing essential technologies. These decisions often rely on good instincts.

Successful entrepreneurs and business leaders develop or implement new technologies when timing and opportunity suggest action is necessary. Even so, instincts alone are founded upon the limited measure of knowledge available, weighed against unknown risks.

Now, despite the transformative, disruptive pace of technology, you can employ Patent Landscaping to transform your instincts into objective insights.


The Science of Data-Driven Insight.

The more you know, the more successful you will be. Learn more about your technical environment with the company that literally wrote the book on preparing patent landscapes. Patinformatics, LLC is the leading, full-service advisory firm specializing in patent analytics and landscaping to support decision making for technology-based businesses. Patinformatics provides strategic insights that support technology leaders with business-centered patent analysis and trends, including specialized focus addressing specific technical issues to empower better-informed decisions.

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