Patinformatics Published in Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst

Patinformatics, LLC Managing Director, Anthony Trippe has a Hot Topic article appearing in the January 2013 issue of Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst. The title of the article is Why pharmaceutical scientists need to keep an eye on Bowman v. Monsanto and covers the controversy surrounding self-replicating technologies.

In Bowman v. Monsanto the self-replicating technology in question pertains to seeds but the principles associated with it can be applied to a number of different areas including ones that provide for the delivery of pharmaceutically relevant substances. The Hot Topic article provides an overview of the cases leading up to the Supreme Courts decision to review, discussions on self-replicating technologies, the First-Sale doctrine, input by the Solicitor General and commentary on the importance of the case.

The Table of Contents for the January 2013 issue of Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst can be found at:

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