Patinformatics, LLC to Present a Workshop on Patent Analytics in Conjunction with the 2013 PIUG Annual Conference

Patinformatics, LLC Managing Director, Anthony Trippe will be providing a full-day workshop on patent analytics on April 27th during the 2013 PIUG Annual Conference in Alexandria, VA.

Patinformatics, LLC will be presenting Patinformatics: The Next Generation. The goal of the workshop will be to allow participants to work through a practical example of patent analysis as it pertains to aligning corporate business goals with its patent strategy.

During the course of the day attendees will be exposed to a practical example of a theoretical new product being developed by a company. This example product will be studied to determine the portions of it which are most critical to seek patent protection on. Those examples will be explored to discover the competitive position the company itself holds versus those of its competitors as well as organizations in non-competing fields which could be re-applied for use in the new area. Business implications will also be covered including examination of whether the company involved will need to purchase additional patents in order to cover the proposed product. Finally, a handful of patents which theoretically might be available for sale will be examined to determine their value.

Selected examples of analytics demonstrated during the workshop will be done using the system. Questel is providing promotional considerations for the workshop in exchange for these examples.

Details on the objectives for the workshop can be found on the description page.

Registration for the workshop can be found on the PIUG website by clicking here.

Additional information on the 2013 PIUG Annual Conference can be found at:

Room reservations can be made at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, the location for the 2013 PIUG Annual Conference.

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