Patent Stat Sheets™

Patent Stat Sheets™ are concise summaries of the patenting activity associated with key companies or technologies over a limited period of time. Sections can include:

  • Other companies interested in their technology based on citations to their patents
  • How many of the top inventors are still with the company
  • Which technology sectors, and fields they patent in over time
  • How much of the portfolio was developed in-house vs. being acquired
  • A detailed breakdown of the core technologies where patent protection is being sought

Patent Stat Sheets™ can also be custom designed to fit the needs of your organization to provide a handy reference for what is happening with your organization’s partners and competitors. They can also be used to summarize key points that might be spread over several pages of a larger patent landscape, or patent analysis project.

Start Gaining Essential Insights!

Below are links to downloadable pdf files of the published Patent Stat Sheets™ we have provided for some of the most notable technology companies. This list is ever growing and new stat sheets are added regularly. We will also post a few key technologies as well.

As promised, here is a Patent Stat Sheets™ associated with Qubit Generation Technologies:

Patinformatics also thought it would be fun to use a patent lens to examine “The Rivalry” so here are Patent Stat Sheets™ for The Ohio State University and for the University of Michigan:

Finally, here are some additional Patent Stat Sheets™ for some more notable technology companies: